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P. Halah
Answered: Jul 02, 2020
NPV or Net Profit Value shows the difference in the current value of cash inflows and that of the cash outflows over a particular period of time. NPV is used majorly to determine the portability...Read More
E. Stanley, Technical writer
Answered: Jun 26, 2018
If you like someone, chance are, you will be gaping at him or her every chance you get. After some time, the person either notices or some of her friends tell her about you staring. Naturally,...Read More
C. Reyes
Answered: May 15, 2018
To understand radioactive tracers it helps to first understand that all substances are made up of atoms and all atoms have a nucleus. The nuclei of some atoms will disintegrate and when they do,...Read More
E. Austin
Answered: May 29, 2019
Memorial Day is a significant day set apart to honor and celebrate the military men who lost their lives during the Civil War and those who died while serving in the military. A lot of people...Read More
Answered: May 28, 2020
Just in case you are not aware, Ruby and Tawny refer to two different types of wine that people usually love. They are normally compared to each other, but different people will also have...Read More
F. Hope
Answered: Oct 10, 2019
XML and XAML are both programming languages. XML is the short form of Extensible Markup Language, while XAML is the short form of Extensible Application Markup Language. XML is a markup language...Read More
Answered: Oct 16, 2017
A food safety management system is a group of practices and procedures put in place to actively control risks and hazards throughout the food process and ensure regulatory compliance. ...Read More
Bobby Rickets, Content Reviewer
Answered: Mar 11, 2019
All food is a source of energy, and when eaten, it is broken down in the stomach by acids and enzymes that ultimately begin the process of aerobic cellular respiration, which is essentially the...Read More
Answered: May 21, 2020
Yes, it most definitely is. Lawyers may be great speakers in front of a jury or a board of directors, but delivering great interviews is a different skill set. The camera distorts a lot of...Read More
O. Bickis, Corporate employee
Answered: Apr 16, 2020
The father of surgery is known as Joseph Lister who was born on 5 April 1827. He was a British surgeon and also a pioneer in antiseptic surgery. He was a fluent reader in French and also German....Read More
G. Horace, Content Developer
Answered: Aug 24, 2018
The average weight of a bagpipe is about 5.5pounds compared to other wood wind instruments like the flute and clarinet, the bagpipe is a bit heavy. The bagpipe has many parts, it consist of blow...Read More
O. Bickis, Corporate employee
Answered: Jun 18, 2019
There are so many drugs available for pain-reliever and the treatment of other related health condition. Examples of these drugs are aspirin and NSAIDs. Just like there are narcotic made drugs...Read More
E. Barnes, Professional Gamer
Answered: Jun 19, 2019
Besides being a well-known DJ, Alan Walker is also a movie producer. He records and produces all sorts of music. He usually sings and plays his songs on his youtube channel which is how he became...Read More
Answered: Mar 26, 2018
An international mapping company known as ERSI compiled a list of the top ten most dangerous waterways where ships are likely to be attacked by pirates. The list was based on date from July 2015...Read More