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Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Apr 23, 2019
The word OK might be one of the most versatile and commonly used expressions in the English language. In fact, people rarely fail to use it while writing a paragraph in English, including me. The...Read More
J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast
Answered: Mar 12, 2019
That’s actually a really adorable comparison. Marie Kondo is good, great in fact but she is no Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart has been organizing homes for at least 2 decades. She is the...Read More
Anthony Paul Bonadio, Teacher
Answered: Jun 13, 2019
Some people have voiced out their concerns because they feel that the 2 minutes that should be spent on brushing popularized by Sonicare is too short. It may be too short when you are the type of...Read More
G. GRAY, Writer
Answered: Sep 23, 2020
There is a double entendre involved with this particular saying. It refers to the Glass Table Girls coming on from House of Balloons. The hook is talking about the very expensive glass table...Read More
T. Wikati, Technical Writer
Answered: Jul 17, 2019
Side effects and adverse effects are two different things that explain the outcome of the reaction take place when someone uses a particular medication. The two terms are mostly used in medicine,...Read More
Sophia Lee Ryan
Answered: Oct 22, 2017
Scombroid food poisoning can cause hives. This kind of food poisoning comes from fish that have spoiled. Hives are one of the first symptoms that could appear, in addition to all of the usual...Read More
Answered: Oct 22, 2017
After 10pm homeless in Russia are supposed to get off the streets. The Russian law states that everyone is supposed to go their “homes”, which the homeless don’t have. It is...Read More
Anthony Paul Bonadio, Teacher
Answered: Jun 18, 2019
An adiabatic process is known to be a type of procedure that happens with no heat transfer. One of the examples of the adiabatic process is the flow of the air in the atmosphere. This may usually...Read More
J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast
Answered: Nov 06, 2018
The music that we listen to is the window to our souls. Music influences our ways and our mentalities affect the music we listen to. Emo Rock is a genre comprising hardcore punk rock and...Read More
Danny R. Glover, Editor
Answered: Aug 01, 2019
A circle is a figure, and a two-dimensional sphere is a three-dimensional object. One can only calculate the surface of a circle, whereas it is possible to calculate the volume of a sphere. A...Read More
Answered: Jan 24, 2020
Mark Edward Fischbach was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 28, 1989. His father met his mother when he was serving in the US military, and both moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, immediately after they...Read More
Answered: Nov 10, 2020
Astrology concerns the motions and the speed of stars and planets. Believers of astrology believe that it is a reputable way of determining someone's chances or outcomes in life, as it reveals a...Read More
I. Woods
Answered: Jun 20, 2018
Tim Hortons Café and Bake Shop is a Canadian based multi-national fast food restaurant known for its coffee and donuts. It is also Canada's largest quick service restaurant chain. It was...Read More