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Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Sep 17, 2019
The falcon is a species of the raptor birds that belongs to the Genus Falco. These birds are so wild and hunt for prey to feed on them. They are known to possess long wings and strong beaks by...Read More
K. Myers, Blogger
Answered: Apr 05, 2019
Analgesic is known to be a painkiller. It is a general term for any drug that is used to stop or relieve pain. If you ever get sick or your head hurts, you may need to take analgesics in order to...Read More
Samantha Stewart, Philanthropist
Answered: Oct 26, 2020
Ringworm is also called Tinea; it is an infection caused by different species of mold called dermatophytes. Types of fungus disease. Ringworm is caused by different things. Ringworm is usually...Read More
Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Sep 17, 2019
There are some people who are not aware that India is actually separated into different states. Two of the main states in India are Punjab and Kerala. Punjab is known to be located in the...Read More
R. Barnes, Analyst
Answered: May 15, 2019
Space debris is really dangerous. Space debris is simply junks, garbage or waste orbiting Earth. Humans activities are something that is causing space debris. So many things like satellites have...Read More
Mike John, Content Explorer
Answered: Jun 19, 2018
A lot of people noticed that the Kardashian sisters and even the Jenner sisters date mostly black men. Kourtney dated Scott for a long time who isn’t black. Kim also dated and even married...Read More
Ken Wilson, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Sep 07, 2020
1. Decide on which beverage to use. Beverages that can go with your Tim Tam Slam include coffee, port, hot chocolate, hot milk, and the likes. 2. Go to the market, or a supermarket to be pr...Read More
G. GRAY, Writer
Answered: Sep 23, 2020
There is a double entendre involved with this particular saying. It refers to the Glass Table Girls coming on from House of Balloons. The hook is talking about the very expensive glass table...Read More
J. Alfie, Content Writer
Answered: Dec 04, 2020
A decomposer is a term for organisms that break down diseased or decaying organisms. The decomposers are accountable for the decomposing process of a dead organism. Decomposers are heterotrophic,...Read More
J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast
Answered: May 29, 2018
There are a lot of areas in the world that haven’t been completely mapped. One could say that 70% of the planet is still unmapped. Most mapping of the present day has been done with the...Read More
Barry Mclean, Sales Manager
Answered: Aug 13, 2020
There are so many methods you can use to find the y-intercept of an equation. Here, I will try as much as possible to give the simplest one. In this method, before you can find the y-intercept of...Read More
C. Perez, Writer
Answered: Sep 20, 2019
Sport can be considered to be an art as it is well related to the art field. Art can be said to be the application or expression of skills and creativity, most especially, physically. This is...Read More
C. Block, English Professor
Answered: Jan 08, 2019
The movie Captain Marvel will be released and begin showing in theaters on March 8th, 2019. Many people voted that Captain Marvel is one of the movies fans are most excited about. Captain Marvel...Read More
M. Parker, Internet Researcher
Answered: Aug 17, 2018
The animated TV series “Family Guy” aired its first episode in 1998. Since then there have been sixteen complete seasons through May 2018, totaling 310 episodes. A seventeenth season...Read More
Elena Sheldon, Director of research
Answered: Sep 21, 2020
Yes, you can. It has been said, though, that if you unmatch someone, you will not be able to match them or talk to them again. If you do not care enough to go to the trouble of deleting your...Read More