IPod Questions and Answers (Q&A)

J. Alfie, Content Writer
Answered: Jul 15, 2019
IPod, which is a very popular music player device was released by Apple in 2001. MP3, being a kind of codec is used to store digital audio. For the MP3 players, they can only support MP3 files as...Read More

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M. Klose, Content Writer
Answered: Aug 08, 2019
The iPod Shuffle and Nano might not be known to the younger generations of today, but these are a couple of the first MP3 players Apple has released. These two models are both small yet are...Read More

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Samantha Stewart, Philanthropist
Answered: Aug 22, 2019
Apple created two different ways of playing games and having an electronic device that is small and compact. One is the iPad, and the other is the iPod. The iPod was created first and is designed...Read More

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B. Denton, Traveler
Answered: Jul 16, 2020
These are two popular media players from Apple. The iPod has been the darling of media players for decades now, and it is still evolving and upgrading with no sign of being done yet. The main...Read More

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