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J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast
Answered: Jan 08, 2019
Oh! This is an excellent question. Well, the answer that follows is technically just speculation. To truly know what’ll happen in the absence of nitrogen is impossible. You do mention that...Read More

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Barry Mclean, Sales Manager
Answered: Aug 27, 2019
There are several sites where video can be downloaded from, and also watched. Also, there are thousands of new movies being released into the market every year. Movies are used to entertain...Read More

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L. Agate
Answered: Oct 11, 2019
Once existed in the United States were two unions of Labor, which were the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the Knights of Labor. The American Federation of Labor happened to be a formal...Read More

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Two cars, A and B, are 400 meters apart. Car A travels due east at 30 meters per second on a collision course with car B which travels due west at 20 meters per second.

H. Barnes, Unemployed
Answered: Feb 26, 2019
The correct answer to this question is If two cars are 400 meters apart and a collision occurs while one is traveling east at 30 meters per second and the other is traveling west at 20 meters per...Read More

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Matz Lewis Clark, College student
Answered: Dec 12, 2018
There is no single father of science as you may know that they are different categories of science such as physics, chemistry. Many people, besides the ones the books mentioned contributed to the...Read More

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Matz Lewis Clark, College student
Answered: Dec 12, 2018
The scientific name of corn is “Zea mays”. Corn belongs to the:
Kingdom: Plantae, Division: Magnoliophyta, Class: Liliopsida, Order: Poales, Family: Poaceae, Genus: Zea and the...Read More

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Malcolm Carneal, Digital Nomad
Answered: Feb 26, 2018
Let us ponder over this question a bit. Can you really predict it? The simplest answer is no. There are thousands of varieties of raw materials for making food. There are at least 500 types of...Read More

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M. Parker, Internet Researcher
Answered: Aug 01, 2018
The quote “TV is chewing gum for the eyes.” is stated by Frank Lloyd Wright. It seems that this is the best quote that will describe what the TV can do for the mind. When people chew...Read More

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Answered: Apr 02, 2018
To read WhatsApp messages on the notification bar you can use the WhatsApp Android widget, or just pull down the notification bar. The widgets can be downloaded from the WhatsAppMessenger...Read More

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Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Oct 25, 2018
Well, it’s a controversial question and being a girl, if I say, “Women are better chefs than men”, it might be a gender-biased answer for some people. Moreover, cooking is an...Read More

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H. Jones, Web Content Writer
Answered: Oct 31, 2018
The main objective of Gintama is truly to become a parody of the different anime series that are considered to be popular. If it makes a parody of a certain series, this is a sure sign that the...Read More

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Carice Snow, Motivator
Answered: Nov 27, 2018
Owls are one type of animal that is considered to be nocturnal. This means that they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. One of the main reasons why certain animals like the owls are...Read More

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Answered: Sep 28, 2017
Although alcohol will not prevent more mold from growing back, it will kill any existing mold and mold spores. Alcohol is an effective alternative to killing mold in places that you are unable to...Read More

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L. Sevigny, Doctor
Answered: Jul 09, 2018
A lady's finger vegetable is not to be confused with the ladyfinger cookie. In many areas, this vegetable is called "okra," but the name lady's fingers came about in English-speaking countries....Read More

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R. Barnes, Analyst
Answered: Jun 13, 2019
ITX and ATX are the two common types of motherboard. They are also known as mini-ITX and micro-ATX. The types of motherboard for needed for the smooth operation of the computer. There are full...Read More

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