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M. Pollock, Photographer
Answered: Jul 09, 2020
When you hear the words “progressive” and “liberal,” do you immediately know what these two words mean? A lot of people are saying that these two terms are not...Read More

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G. Jabez
Answered: Aug 26, 2020
Finding a job right now, especially because of the pandemic, is not an easy task. A lot of people have lost what they thought were stable jobs. Now, they do not have a choice but to cope with the...Read More

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Corné , College student
Answered: Nov 03, 2020
Compare to and compare with are used in sentences to show the comparisons or differences between similar things and non-similar things. The number one difference between the two is that one is used...Read More

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D. Smith, Musician
Answered: Jul 16, 2020
Gas stoves cool and heat faster than the electric stoves. In electric ovens, the heat is dispersed more equally than in gas ovens. Gas ovens are less susceptible to rust compared to electric...Read More

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G. Tanaka, Dentist
Answered: Mar 26, 2020
It can be confusing to know the differences between the different types of JOINS if you are not sure what to expect from them. The left JOIN will be in charge of getting all of the records that...Read More

1 Answer