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Creole Culture

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John Smith

John Smith

John Smith
John Smith

Answered Sep 09, 2016

The origins of creole people of color also known as gens de couleur date back to the 15th century, senegal africa and even before. the word creole, (people of color) does not denote african, but rather a blend of new world people who have roots going back to west africa and europe - the gullah language is what linguists call an english-based creole language. creoles arise in the context of trade, colonialism, and slavery when people of diverse backgrounds are thrown together and must forge a common means of communication. according to one view, creole languages are essentially hybrids that blend linguistic influences from a variety of different sources. in the case of gullah, the vocabulary is largely from the english target language, - this hybrid language served as a means of communication between british slave traders and local african traders, but it also served as a lingua franca, or common language, among africans of different tribes. - the practice of making and wearing charms and amulets for protection, healing, or the harm of others was a key aspect to early louisiana voodoo. the ground up root was combined with other elements such as bones, nails, roots, holy water, holy candles, holy incense, holy bread, or crucifixes. the administrator of the ritual frequently evoked protection from allah, the christian god, and jesus christ. this openness of african belief allowed for the adoption of catholic practices into louisiana voodoo - another component of louisiana voodoo brought from africa was the worship of ancestors and the subsequent emphasis on respect for elders. for this reason, the rate of survival among elderly slaves was high, further africanizing louisiana creole culture.[1]the slave trade also brought the belief in spirits which is central to louisiana voodoo. the spirits presided over every day matters of life, such as family, love, and justice.
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