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How to choose live chat software for my website?

Asked by Jason Grills, Last updated: Jun 28, 2024

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D. Jewel

D. Jewel

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D. Jewel
D. Jewel, Assistant Manager, MA in English, California

Answered Dec 04, 2019

A live chat software allows business websites to create personalized support experience for customers that prompts them to return to a business frequently. But while every chat software may claim to help you do the same, there are times when you may end up dissatisfied with your experience of the software.

That’s why it is essential to focus on factors that will allow you to select the best live chat software for your website. Let’s take a look at some of the deciding factors that will help you choose the best live chat software for your business website.

Factors to Considering When Choosing the Best Live Chat Software

1. Features

One of the pivotal factors that helps you choose a live chat software for your website is the amount of necessary features a tool has to offer. Essential features that you would require to provide an awesome support experience to customers must include:

  • Chat Greetings

Use proactive chat triggers to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Set rules and conditions to ensure that they popup before the visitor is about to exit the website. This way you can reach out to the visitors and help them receive instant help.

  • Visitor Monitoring

Monitor your visitor’s activity in real-time to understand their purchase intent while browsing your website. You can track various details like what pages have they visited, which page did they initially land upon, and more.

  • Announcements

Let your visitors learn about the upcoming product updates, sales, discounts, what’s new with your services, and more with a feature like announcements.

  • Chat Routing

Route your incoming chats to the right department to make sure that customers receive instant solution for their questions. You can automatically and manually assign chats to the right departments to make sure that no customer leaves dissatisfied.

  • Pre-Chat & Post-Chat Forms

Help your business capture more leads with pre-chat form. You can gather qualified lead data before a chat initiates. Plus, also capture what visitors/customers felt after the support experience with post-chat form. Ultimately, you’ll get to improve the experience as per the expectations of the customers.

Besides these features, you should also look for the following.

  • Chat history

  • Ratings & Surveys

  • File Transfer

  • Canned Responses

  • Chat Supervision

  • Multiple Operators

  • Multiple Languages

  • Escalations & Transfer

  • Call Back

2. Delightful Personalized Support Experience

A live chat customer support tool should allow you build a delightful personalized experience for all customers. While that’s true, it should do the same for you. They too should come to your rescue when instant support is expected. Make sure that they have a 24*7 support available to help you out whenever support is needed.

3. Easy to Use Interface

A lot of options compete on how fast they are, but rarely do you see brands talking about the ease at which they can use the product. Brands like ProProfs Chat bring simplicity to your doorstep when offering their product to customers. Thus, you need to think from user experience too. The tool will be used by your support department. That means you need to make sure that the tool is easy to use and does not come with a complicated dashboard.

4. Pricing

Another pivotal aspect that you need to pay attention to is the pricing of the products. If you are a startup, then it can be a little difficult for you to invest in customer support tools. That’s why look for products that offer both free and paid plans so that you can shift as your support needs grow, just like your business. Again ProProfs Chat offers both free and paid plans to their customers that helps them add more features as and when needed for their support services.

I hope my small checklist helps you choose the best live chat software for your website.

Coining one tool as the best live chat software is hard, especially when the choices available are so many! Some offer all the features but are way over budget, while others are in a budget but don’t have all the features you need to implement everything with one tool.

But, surely, a few tools stand out of the crowd, some of them that deserve a mention are:

  • ProProfs Chat
  • LiveChat
  • Tidio Live Chat
  • Olark
  • Pure Chat
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Comm100
  • HappyFox Chat
  • Intercom
  • Freshchat

Check the full list of best live chat softwarewith feature and pricing comparison. All these tools have one thing in common - exceptional features that’ll enable you toimprove your customer support easily. But, the only difference is that their UI, feature implementation, and speed of the software varies from tool to tool.

For this, it is essential to take the free trial offered by the tools so that you know which tool offers everything you need.

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