Lebron James Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Charlie Rogers, Manager
Answered: Sep 21, 2020
Lebron James is part of the National Basketball Association and has won three rings. He earned two with the Miami Heat and one with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He currently competes for the Lo...Read More

12 Answers

Anthony Paul Bonadio, Teacher
Answered: Feb 28, 2019
LeBron is born in Akron, Ohio. He is known to be a professional basketball player and he is so popular that he manages to make his fans love him no matter what team he is playing for. There are a...Read More

4 Answers

L. Hawkes, Teacher
Answered: Jun 28, 2018
Lebron James is one of the most well-known NBA superstars right now. He is known to be good at what he does. His highest scoring game ever is 56 points. There was a time when he only scored 8...Read More

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