Elements Of Art Questions and Answers (Q&A)

H. Jones, Web Content Writer
Answered: Oct 10, 2018
In the world of art, there are more ways to create a drawing or painting than just using a few colors. First, there are shades of color to use. You may want to use dark blue, light blue as well...Read More

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J. Alfie, Content Writer
Answered: Dec 15, 2020
The correct answer to this question is shape.
The main dimensions of the shapes are width and length. There are seven main elements of arts, which include shape, color, line, texture, tone,...Read More

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J. Emmerich, Web Content Writer
Answered: Jan 28, 2019
Some images on the electromagnetic spectrum can be seen by the naked eye. However, most can’t. This has to do with the types of rays used as well as the frequency and wavelengths. Whenever...Read More

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W. Mocroft, Philanthropist
Answered: Feb 28, 2019
The answer to this is Color has always been known to improve a lot of things. Some people cannot imagine life without any color. Light has always been known to be associated with color because it...Read More

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C. Block, English Professor
Answered: Feb 28, 2019
The answer to this is movement is very important when people would look at an artwork. There are some people who will only appreciate art when it is not in abstract form because they find realist...Read More

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Mazie Zoeller
Answered: Jan 22, 2019
"Unity is a principle of art that makes all the elements and/or parts of an artwork feel unified, as if all the parts go together. It also gives an artwork a sense of feeling complete and/or...Read More

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H. Jones, Web Content Writer
Answered: Feb 21, 2019
In most dictionaries, contrast is defined as an obvious difference between two or more things. It is slightly the same meaning in art but with it denotes the difference between light and dark...Read More

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